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So...Who Are We??

Turfpro is your turn-key solution for professional weed control, vegetation management, turf fertilization and general turf management needs. 

With head office based out of Red Deer, Alberta - we have trucks servicing the Lethbridge, Calgary, Red Deer, Edmonton and Northern regions since 2011.​

We are a family run service company and love everything outdoors. Our number one goal is creating and maintaining beautiful outdoor spaces everyone can enjoy.

Services Offered ??

Weed Control Applications - Lawn + Turf Areas. From small residential yards to large scale municipal projects, we do it all. Our broadleaf weed control applications control hard-to-kill weeds in turf, including dandelions, clover, chickweed, thistle, ivy, daisy, etc. 

Vegetation Management Programs - Typically commercial and industrial sites. Kills all undesired vegetation in any area there is undesired growth; including but not limited to shrub beds, tree wells, parking lots, around buildings, along fence lines, sand pits, ball diamonds, athletic tracks, storage compounds, etc.

Noxious Weed Control - When noxious weeds become a problem, we have a solution. Control unwanted noxious and restricted weeds, brush and trees along electrical power lines, railway beds, roadsides, pipelines, industrial manufacturing sites, storage facilities, and other right of ways.

Turf Fertilization - Can be applied as a slow-release granular formulation for long lasting results, or an immediate "2 in 1" weed and feed when combined with a broadleaf weed control. 

​Commercial Mowing - Limited to Red Deer and area only. Competitive Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Municipal mowing and trimming solutions available. Please contact for more information. 

Other Services - A healthy outdoor living space doesn't come on its own. But it doesn't have to be complicated either. Other essential services offered include deep core aerating, power raking, general spring and fall cleanups and pressure washing services. Please check out our "services" page for more information. 

Why Choose Us??

​1. Professional Service – When choosing a service company, building trust is key. Give us the opportunity to show you what we can do for you. From the first phone call to the last service call of the year, we are there for you every step of the way.
2. Guaranteed Results – We can build a weed control, turf fertilization, vegetation management program or mowing program that works for you! From single weed control applications to yearly maintenance programs, free service calls to detailed, accurate paperwork – results are a phone call or click away.
3. Budget and Liability - Turfpro is commited to saving you money on your maintenance budget. By eliminating the need for expensive in-house spraying programs, you will save time, money and personal liability while drastically improving the appearance and functionality of your properties.
4. Safety – Choosing a safety conscious service company is the most important decision you will have to make, considering they will be working on your sites!
Our safety program is priority. Turfpro is a fully licensed and insured service company. We are SECOR Safety Certified and a member of ISNetworld Safety Network. We proudly hold a valid Alberta Pesticide Service Registration and all applicable liability insurance. We employ only licensed applicators. Operations are regulated and inspected by Alberta Environment and all products used on site are controlled, tested and approved by Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA). 

Healthy Lawn Practices

Our commitment to the environment is a way of life. Having a healthy lawn is a crucial aspect of a healthy landscape. Remember, our programs are designed to improve the health and appearance of your landscape. Here are some tips and general info to help you along the way.

Environmental Benefits of a healthy lawn: 
- Improves Air Quality 
- Traps Air Pollution 
- Prevents Surface Runoff and Soil Erosion 
- Cools the Earth 
- Cleanses Water Entering Underground Water Aquifers 
- Can Reduce the Need for Pest Control Products 

Thick, healthy, well maintained turf will naturally resist weed, insect, disease and pest problems. 
Turfpro implements an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach when it comes to maintaining our clients property. An IPM approach when dealing with lawn-care puts an emphasis on prevention, looks at all available information and considers all management options prior to deciding on the most cost effective, economical and environmentally friendly means of managing a pest problem. 
Weed development and pest problems in established turf occurs when the turf becomes weak and thin. Healthy turf is one with a good root system which is further developed through regular mowing at the proper height and frequency, good watering practices and proper fertilizer feedings throughout the growing season. 
The key to maintaining a healthy lawn and to cut down on pest control products is to prevent weeds and pests from becoming a problem in the first place.  

Consider implementing the following cultural practices:


Cut High. Turf mowed at a height of 6 - 8cm (2.5 – 3”) will develop a deep, well established root system, grow thicker, and retain water and soil moisture better. 
Keep mower blades sharp. Sharpen in the spring and again mid-summer if necessary. This allows grass to recover quickly and easily compared with a dull blade, which tugs and tears at the grass.
Leave clippings on the lawn. Doing so will provide a source of natural, slow-release nitrogen into the soil. 
Never remove more than 1/3 of leaf blade in a single cut. This will “shock” the turf, potentially setting its progress back weeks which is inviting to weed, disease and pest problems. 
Water deeply and infrequently - 2.5 - 5cm (1 - 2”) per week. Usually this is 1-2 hours per area. Deep watering encourages a deep, well established root system. 
Avoid over-watering. This is encouraging to disease and pest problems. Early morning is the ideal time to water. This reduces water lost through evaporation and wind. 
Water more frequently in periods of drought and in hot, dry conditions. Doing so can prevent turf burn and discourage weed and pest problems.


Proper fertilization is key to a good looking, healthy lawn. It encourages proper growth, vibrant green color, and good overall turf health. Without regular and timely applications of properly balanced nutrients, a lawn will lose its vitality and decrease its ability to withstand disease and pest problems. 
Avoid over fertilizing. This can be detrimental to turf and can be inviting to weeds and pest problems Trust the experts at Turfpro. We have specially designed, well balanced fertilizer blends and programs that are customized for specific weather conditions, time of year and your landscape. 

Deep Core Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil and thatch from turf. 

Benefits of aerating your lawn include: 

- Improved air exchange between the soil and our atmosphere 
- Enhanced water and fertilizer uptake 
- Reduced soil compaction 
- Enhanced heat and drought stress tolerance 
- A well established root system 
- Reduced runoff and standing water 
- Assists in thatch breakdown 

Aeration should be done once annually, in either the spring or fall, or possibly twice in high traffic areas with high ground compaction. 
Seven to ten days after aerating, aeration holes will be filled with white, actively growing roots. Cores will break down in your lawn in one to two weeks, feeding nutrients back into your lawn. 

Annual core aeration is an excellent way to remove excess built up thatch and return the nutrients to the soil. 

Overseeding is the practice of adding new grass seed to your lawn for added turf density. 

Early spring and fall is the best time to overseed. 
Try to stay off newly laid seed for 1-3 weeks and water daily. Overseeding is very important for lawns in shady areas. It will ensure the turf stays dense and well standing. 

In cases of excessive thatch build-up, power raking is highly recommended. 

Power raking is the physical process of removing thatch - a tight mat of dead plant material and general lawn debris which builds up under the surface of a lawn. Some thatch is beneficial to lawns (about 1/2"), but too much blocks water, air and nutrients from reaching the soil. Ideal time is early spring before the lawn is actively growing​​

Regardless of the type of property, by working together we can ensure your lawn stays healthy and looking great throughout the growing season. 

For more information please contact us HERE.​​